SISCO's Fast Trac™

Fast Trac™

Identity & Visitor Management Solutions

Fast Trac™ Rapid Access Portal (RAPOR) by SISCO permits unimpeded access through an open portal for authorized individuals, while rejecting those unauthorized. It provides a method of rerouting 'Deny Entry' persons to areas where they can be properly processed without hindering the flow of commerce. The patented design with customer-set parameters operates without the need of a guard or attendant. Fast Trac increases security, while significantly reducing costs when used in conjunction with an access control system, metal detector, surveillance device, etc. The system is easy to install, is compatible with most architectural designs, and fills a variety of security and screening requirements.

Fast Trac™ - Coming Soon.

Enter your PIN or swipe card or place your hand on the Hand Geometry Reader.
Fast Trac™ Verify
If authorized, light turns green and you walk right through.
Fast Trac™ Authorized
...or Not Authorized
If not authorized, Fast Trac doors close and you exit to the side.
Fast Trac™ Unauthorized

US Patent 5,845,692

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